Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few casinos...with more to come

Hello all you faithful Las Vegas travelers out there. I've been so involved with research on how to better the site that I realized I have neglected each of you by not providing updates as I should. Well, fear not because the 2011 trip to Vegas is in the process of being booked. That's right. Flights are done, courtesy of Frontier Airlines, and we are scheduled to be in Vegas near the end of August.

I will be providing more information about where we will be staying as the time gets closer. However, I would like to say thank you to all of those who have made this such an exciting adventure thus far. I am truly grateful that so many of you appreciate what I have to say. I really hope we can make this be one of the top Las Vegas blogs on the net. One step at a time though, of course.

Either way, I did make updates to the casino page so please stop on by and have a look at a few descriptions of some great places to play while in Las Vegas. Don't forget to send me your questions.

Have fun!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's been awhile, but for good reason

I know. Everyone has been asking when I will get back to explaining the lot of things to do while in Las Vegas. Truth is, I have been very busy researching more about what Las Vegas has to offer than just the typical "tourist attractions." Yes, we can gamble, see shows, stay fun places, get massages, and more, but I just know this city has so much more to offer those who yearn for knowledge.

I have also been in the process of preparing some new exciting elements to go along with the blog. Keep reading and keep the comments coming. Let's see how far we can take this thing!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Possibly in "The Hangover"

In tribute to my friends and I who have been to Las Vegas together, I find myself drawn constantly to Hollywood's soon-to-be classic bachelor movie, The Hangover. Why?

Well, first off, it takes place in the greatest city in the United States, Las Vegas. Secondly, apparently most of the filming was taking place during our 2009 trip. To boot, we were literally in and out of Caesar's Palace constantly. I guess lady luck was not on our side that week. Oh well, either way, if you want an over-exaggerated Las Vegas experience, go out and see this movie (if you haven't already, that is).

Even though it's a bit extreme, a glimpse of what Las Vegas has to offer can be determined; especially if partying is at the top of your list.

Be Smart! Play Hard! Have Fun!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Las Vegas Weather via the Weather Channel

Wondering what the temperature is right now in Las Vegas? Maybe your vacation starts within the next 10 days?

Just take a glance to the right and get all the weather information needed to plan for your trip in Sin City courtesy of



Saturday, April 30, 2011

To Check my bag or not check my bag. That IS the question

Most of the time I find myself questioning whether or not to buy more than economy ticket for the airline I will be taking to Las Vegas. Anymore, it seems like many airliners are creating tiers of boarding passes in order to "make flying easier."

Case in point, Frontier Airlines offers three tiers of boarding pass. If you buy the second or third tier, they "wave your bag fee" for up to two (2) luggage pieces that are checked at the ticket counter. Although tempting, let's do some math.

The price difference between economy and tier 2 is approximately $30. When I travel to Vegas [because I like to consider myself an experienced traveler], I will check one luggage that is within the airlines guidelines (weight limits, dimensions, etcetera]. Checking a bag costs $20...Need I say more.

Now, I am in no way condemning how airlines do business these days, but be smart when booking that airline ticket. If money can be saved and spent on your actual vacation [or saved in general], then I would highly recommend it. Don't leap at a deal on any airline just because the lights are flashing and whistles are going off in that "Deal of the Day E-blast." Be smart and you will be amazed at how flying will be less expensive.

Be Smart. Play Hard. Have Fun.


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